Opportunity for You!

Our MIssion: Teaching others to teach others how to Be We as we revolve around the Son! 

This site contains a list and links to ventures that may be opportunities for you to join the Be We One network. This site is continuously updated as we are consolidating many ventures, some going back decades, under the umbrella of Be We, as Jesus spoke of in John 17.

All of these ventures are always looking for new team members, especially leadership, so please email treyeshua gmail.

Our vision is for a Kingdom economy, with millions of single  person or family size  enterprised, and  responsible partnerships rather than corporations for those enterprises  best conducted at large scale. We aim to show the world that we can , over time, kill off  the present system of corrupt  corporatism.

The objective is to feed you, and for you to then feed others. Feed with food, shelter, clothing, wholesome recreation and entertainment, and most importantly, with the Word of God integrated into all we do. For is by every word of our Father that we live, move, and have our being!

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